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Do you like to take pictures? A lot of people love to take pictures. Pictures provide us a good way to capture memories whether you are a point and shoot kind of person or someone who takes photography more seriously. What kind of camera do you have? There are hundreds of different types of cameras released in the market since the introduction of this wonderful invention to the public.

A lot of people nowadays consider the camera a necessity. A camera is one of those handy tools to capture those special events. Of course you can opt to paint or write about those special times in your life but these two options will consume time. It's different when you click that camera shutter and capture the moment. You will get to see every detail of the event on the picture.

The Argus Cameras are among the cameras we loved though the years. The first Argus Camera was introduced in 1936. Two years after the introduction of the first model Argus camera come the Argus C2 Cameras. The Argus C2 Film Cameras are often known as the brick cameras because of its square brick shape. The Argus C2 35mm film cameras were in constant production since the 1930's to the 1960's. For 30 years the Argus C2 Cameras have dominated the market.

Today, the vintage Argus C2 film cameras are considered highly collectible items by many avid camera collectors. These cameras offer solid and durable body. Produced in 1938 by Argus Incorporated, this company was a famous Camera maker based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This company popularized the 35mm film camera format in the U.S. The square brick design is very characteristic of the vintage Argus C2 film cameras.

The Argus C2 35mm film cameras have square corners with rangefinder. A no frills camera, this has been a favorite of many manual camera enthusiasts since its introduction in the market. The Argus C2 35mm camera is heavy and feels sturdy. It has brought photography to the masses. This camera offers simplicity in operation but still allows you to enjoy photography.

If you have the passion for vintage cameras, you might want to consider getting the vintage Argus C2 film cameras. Enjoy the camera your grandfathers have used during their younger years. Capture beautiful memories with a strong and well built camera like the Argus C2 Film Camera.

There are still people who collect vintage cameras. In fact, some of them actually used those analog cameras. One of the most popular analog cameras is the vintage Argus C2 film cameras. The Argus C2 film cameras were considered stylish back in the late 1930's. It's compact in shape and a bit bulky with its casing compared to modern day cameras. The Argus C2 film camera has a shutter release located in the front side which is not something new with vintage cameras. Argus C2 35mm film cameras are one of the Argus types that are still being patronized by vintage camera collectors. Like any analog cameras, Argus C2 35mm camera is operated manually such that for every picture taken, there's a need to manipulate the cam in order to move to the next film slot. There's also a meter to track how many films were consumed.

Now, whether you are using digital or analog cameras, the important thing is to capture those special moments in life. Both digital and analog cameras were made to produce pictures that can last a lifetime.